The law charges the parent or guardian with the responsibility for the student’s consistent school attendance.  The Administrator will enforce the laws regarding attendance, with considerations for the variables that affect children and families.  The Administrator will place emphasis on the prevention and correction of the causes of absenteeism.  A student whose absences have negatively affected his/her academic progress may be retained. Consistent attendance in school is essential to academic success.  Students must be in attendance on a regular basis.  Students need to arrive at school on time and not leave during the school day for unnecessary reasons.  The responsibility to ensure regular attendance rests on the student and the parent/guardian with the school assisting. Someone must always sign in & out a child from school.  Children are allowed to be at school 30 minutes before school starts, and 20 minutes after school ends.

Step 1:  After a student is absent 5 days we will call the parent/guardian and send a letter home to be read, signed and returned to the front office.

Step 2:  After a student is absent for 10 days a conference is scheduled with the teacher. Together the teacher and parents will make a corrective action plan. If a student is absent for 10 consecutive days they will be withdrawn from all classes.

Step 3:  After a student is absent for 15 days a conference is scheduled with the parent, teacher and principal.  Together all parties will discuss the student’s absenteeism and set up a revised corrective action plan.

Step 4:  After a student is absent for 20 days they may be withdrawn from all classes. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.